Environmental Site Assessments
  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Abatement
  • Remediation
  • ESA
  • Environmental
  • Mold
  • Lead
  • Quick turn around asbestos inspections

  • Management Plans for asbestos containing materials

  • Abatement Plans for the removal of ACM in your

  • Contractor solicitation and selection - Let us guide
    you in finding a licensed and reputable contractor

  • Project Management  - We provide a licensed air
    monitoring technician to document ACM removal  
    and microscopic particles in the air - (mandatory in
    most cases)

  • Project Close Out Documentation - Finish all
    abatement activities and provide you a report
    allowing you to prove that the asbestos containing
    materials were removed completely and
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ALEO Environmental Enterprises, Inc.
Asbestos Consulting
Finding a reputable environmental consulting company to
perform a Phase I Environmental SIte Assessment can be a
daunting job at times. We at ALEO pride ourselves as one of
the leading Phase I providers in the San Antonio area. We
have built strong relationships with many clients over the
years that has given ALEO a reputation within the
community of providing high quality work, on time and
within a projects budget.
Mold Surveys
ALEO personnel have conducted over 3,000 Water Intrusion
Damage Surveys and Moisture Mapping inspections in
single-family residences, condominium/apartment
developments, and commercial buildings throughout the
United States. Let ALEO conduct an inspection of your
home, office, or commercial property to fully assess your
projects needs.

ALEO will never use scare tactics regarding "toxic or black
mold" to sell costly analytical services. We want to get at
the root of the problem to remedy that first. Plus, we are
not a mold remediation company or affiliated with any, so
there is no conflict of interest. Think of it this way:
Would you want a doctor performing costly tests when he
can diagnose your symptoms easily and get you back to
your old self or even better?

A Mold Assessment (aka Inspection) includes:

  • A licensed and trained Mold Assessment Consultant
    (MAC) will perform an inspection of your building or
    home with your needs in mind

  • The MAC will evaluate possible sources of water
    intrusion to get to the root of the problem

  • The MAC will recommend microscopic samples be
    taken only if it adds value to the assessment

  • If there is a mold problem then we make
    recommendations based on the size of the project,
    type of mold (if known), use of the building,
    occupants and many other factors

  • If mold remediation should be necessary, let us
    guide you in finding a licensed and reputable
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Was your property built before 1978?:

If so, your property may contain lead-based paint.

Hearing those words can be like fingernails to a chalk
board for many commercial contractors, property owners,
and demolitionists.

ALEO can help you silence the noise with custom catered
lead-based paint surveys and consulting for each type of
project whether it be building renovations, demolition
jobs, or any other type of work that may lead to the
disturbance of lead-based paint.
Lead Surveys
ALEO Environmental Enterprises, Inc.
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